Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thrill Science, Inc.

Exciting Technology

Thrill Science ®, Inc. brings you the best technology to improve guest experience--and your product offerings--before, during, and after a guest’s visit. Whether your venue is a large theme park, a local family entertainment center, a House of Worship, or a music venue, the proper technology can increase your efficiency, broaden your range of product offerings, and improve customer satisfaction.

Your guests are already familiar with a range of high technology media: from 3D movies, to video games, to interactive web sites. They expect instant gratification and the  ability to access information anywhere. They don’t like waiting, and have high expectations.

Our staff of industry professionals, with top theme park, media, and entertainment technology credentials, will help your business design, implement, and deploy the right technology to improve the guest experience, broaden your product offerings, and provide more ways of engaging your guests.

Broaden your reach to your visitors: You can deliver information to them via smart phones, SMS, or interactive voice response systems. While on-site, they can share their excitement with family and friends on social networks, acting as ambassadors for your brand.

Thrill Science ® can help you sort through an entire industry’s offerings of technology, select and customize the products and platforms for your particular needs, and develop unique solutions matched to your brand. Help differentiate yourself and offer guests custom experiences while increasing your margins.

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